iteration improves design

designing solutions for fluid interactions

ux design

iterative ux development and user testing, wireframing & mockups, ui generation

ix design

interactions and reactions, generating the desired result from the desired action

ux research

personas, field usage reports, analytics, and everything else you need

featured projects

just a taste

PlanR App

a social meeting app for ios

PlanR is an location-based app which allows users to create plans, an itinerary, and to share those plans with friends who are invited along, keeping everyone informed and up-to-date. This app prototype was developed as part of my research for my undergraduate thesis at Parsons School for Design.

thinkup drinkup

as social drinking game for ios

Developed as part of my undergraduate thesis at Parsons School for Design, this simple yet fun drinking game is part of my ongoing UX research into the effects that smartphones have on small social groups and how proper UX can foster group bonding.