adam mcbride

a user experience & interaction designer living in nyc

a little about me

My name is Adam McBride, and I am a user experience and interaction designer focusing on mobile platforms, living in New York City. I recently graduated from from Parsons School for Design at The New School.

I have experience conducting multiple levels of user experience design, research, and testing as well as interaction design for mobile. Additionally, I have experience developing in multiple scripting frameworks including Node.js and Processing, as well as developing iOS apps in Swift with XCode. Furthermore, I have experience deploying multiple frameworks on devices such as the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi.

I have a strong background in digital media assembly and have production-level experience in most areas of digital media including print, copywriting/editing, and branding. I have experience with a wide array of creative software, and am comfortable working in both OS X and in Windows. In addition to a large amount of support software and other software knowledge, I have many years of experience with industry-standard creative software such as the Adobe Creative Suite and many others.

I have over 15 years of experience working as a freelance creative professional, and I work wonderfully on my own or as a member of a team. I maintain open communication lines with those whom I work, and everything about my production process is open and easy to work with.

more information

for more information, please feel free to download a pdf copy of my resume by clicking the button below.