PlanR App

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further information on this project which is currently under development


Featured Project: PlanR App (in development)

a social app for ios

PlanR is an location-based app which allows users to create plans, an itinerary, and to share those plans with friends who are invited along, keeping everyone informed and up-to-date. This app prototype was developed as part of my research for my undergraduate thesis at Parsons School for Design. The app is currently under development as an independent project.

video interaction simulation

simulated with adobe experience design

This is a video simulation of the interactions within the PlanR app in a prototype of the interface in Adobe Experience Design.

app mockups

initial mockups for the planr app

Initial mockups for the PlanR app, including basic navigation and interaction. Mockups made with Paper on iPad.

App Prototype User Flows

App User Flows from Adobe Experience Design

All app interactions as represented in the Adobe Experience Design app. This is the source of the video simulation shown above.

PlanR Ad Storyboard

A completed storyboard for a 30-second ad for the PlanR app

This is a storyboard completed for a 30-second ad spot for the PlanR app, featuring a couple planning a night out using the PlanR app.

User Persona

User Persona for Seth Edwards

A user persona for a fictional user named Seth Edwards, based off of interviewed users to composite of average possible users.

User Journey

The user journey of Seth Edwards

The user journey of Seth Edwards, based off of the persona of the same name, intended to represent his trip through the app.

Thesis Paper

Final undergraduate thesis paper

This is my final undergraduate thesis paper which accompanied my final project submissions from the Spring semester of 2017. It focuses on my final research and execution for the PlanR app and includes planning, summaries of user experience research, as well as other information regarding development planning for the app.

Thesis Presentation

Thesis Presentation

Midterm presentation from Spring semester of 2017, reporting on the development progress of the PlanR app. This presentation discusses development problems, pivots, and strategies moving forward.