ThunkUp DrinkUp App

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ThinkUp DrinkUp

as social drinking game for ios

Developed as part of my undergraduate thesis at Parsons School for Design, this simple yet fun drinking game is part of my ongoing UX research into the effects that smartphones have on small social groups and how proper UX can foster group bonding.

App Mockups

initial mockups for the thinkup drinkup app

Initial mockups for the ThinkUp DrinkUp app, including basic navigation and interaction. Mockups made with Paper on iPad.

App User Flows

App User Flows from Sketch

All app interactions as represented in the Sketch app. This is the source of the video simulation shown above.

App Research Document

Domains & Precedents

An early research document exploring the domains and precedents of the social interruptibility of smartphone apps.

Thesis Research Documentation

Junior Thesis Research paper

Junior Thesis Research paper, including background research into precedents, user experience research, and social research information regarding the contemporary social effects of smartphones and social networking apps with regards to social interruption among small social groups.