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a hand-picked selection of some of my best projects, showcasing ux, web & graphic design


Featured Project: PlanR App (in development)

a social app for ios

PlanR is an location-based app which allows users to create plans, an itinerary, and to share those plans with friends who are invited along, keeping everyone informed and up-to-date. This app prototype was developed as part of my research for my undergraduate thesis at Parsons School for Design. The app is currently under development as an independent project.

ThinkUp DrinkUp

as social drinking game for ios

Developed as part of my undergraduate thesis at Parsons School for Design, this simple yet fun drinking game is part of my ongoing UX research into the effects that smartphones have on small social groups and how proper UX can foster group bonding.

gregory tuck architecture

a portfolio website

A web portfolio created for architect Gregory Tuck, this site was commissioned to feature his designs made while Lead Architect for Ralph Lauren and now for Coach International. It features photo galleries and information pages on all of the Ralph Lauren and Coach stores he's designed around the globe.

grady mcbride, md

a services website

A website created to advertise the specialized surgical services of Dr. G. Grady McBride of Orlando Florida. This site is designed to educate visitors and potential patients about new forms of surgical spine treatments, and to clarify the benefits of those treatments.

ev jewelry design

an e-commerce website

a website designed for EV Jewelry Designs, including a store, a gallery, and a section for selling gold online.

gina d's kid's club

dvd series authoring/mastering/packaging

A series of 10 DVDs authored, including animated menus, covers, and labels.

analogies and contrasts

an exercise in line, curve, and type

largely an experiment in graphic and typographic form, this series explores organic interactions with these and other organic and abstract shapes and the outside world