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Nico Sermoneta

For MEBA 2020


Unity & Friendship

The MEBA Seal includes the letters, “U&F.” This refers to our motto, “UNITY & FRIENDSHIP.” It’s not a platitude or trivial. Unity and Friendship are the recipe for solidarity. When we unite with each other we are strong.

What Was The Patrolman?

Union Patrolmen historically were charged with visiting the ships to collect dues, take grievances, and enforce the terms of dispatches. In today’s industry, ship visits remain important but those functions are handled electronically.

What Is The Patrolman Today?

For nearly seven years, under the training of my two predecessors in this role, I have developed and stewarded relationships within the union, the industry, and the labor movement. My job is to apply union resources for your benefit.

Nico Sermoneta invests in your career!

Nico leverages years of relationships in the labor movement, in the maritime trades, and in services that mariners need.

Nico Sermoneta has a history of dedication and prudent choices, from renting out the warehouse space to starting the organizing effort at NYC/HNY Ferries. The goal is to expand opportunity while defending our resources.

Get to Know Nico

In 2013, I was sailing as Second Mate on a Liberty Maritime ship. Then Atlantic Coast VP, Chris Guerra and NY Patrolman, Rich Adams asked me to run for this office. Rich didn’t want the job anymore, because commuting from near the NYC/Long Island border was too costly. After hard discussions in my family, we decided to relocate to NJ if I got the job. I started the job on January 2, 2014.

Over the course of 6.5 years, I am finally realizing that not only am I good at this job, but I have continually redefined it as I go. Being a union official in such a small and far flung union means you have to not only understand the contracts and the shipping rules. You have to be ready to mop sewage or organize a picket or HELP A MEMBER IN PERSONAL CRISIS.  You have to know the relationships and the history of those relationships between the employers and the union.

I have developed a degree of mastery in labor/management relations. In fact, I have been approached by employers and head-hunters looking for applicants for labor relations positions.

On the day when I started, I couldn’t have been prepared for this job, but luckily I had an advantage. I had the support and guidance of both Chris Guerra, Rich Adams, and our NY hall staff of that time, made up of Carly Marafioti, Maria Cruz and Sharon Van Geldren. I hope you will see fit to continue this journey with me